Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Transamerica Trip Overview

Hey all,

Time to type some stuff up. This will just be a brief overview. In terms of totals, here we go:

Miles: 9247
Fill ups: 77
Clutch levers broken: 2
Tires replaced: 4
Road side Fixes: 4
Rain showers : 6, two of them being the same storm, just the next day
Times pulled over: 2, both warnings, both in the first two days.

Here's the map of our route:

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An important note: There is an error in the map. In between Death Valley and the Sequoias is a more direct route. It's not on Google maps yet, but we found it on our physical maps of California. It's just South of Mt. Whitney, about 30 miles.

We started on the 5/22, got back on 6/20, so it was just short of a month. We started in Lagrange, headed towards Savannah. From there, we went south into Florida and road along the Gulf, hoping briefly north into Mississippi. We then spent some time in New Orleans on 5/26. From there, we went to Austin, then to New Mexico, to Silver Springs, and to Tucson, got in on 6/1. From there we doubled back so we could ride 191 in Arizona into Alpine, and from there, road through the Petrified Forest (where I broke my clutch) to Flagstaff. Flagstaff, we did some repairs, and then went to the Grand Canyon.

From there, we went south again and into Southern Arizona, rode along Route 66 some toward the Mojave. We then went through Death Valley (Huge Mistake) it was 120. We then went, after some fixes, over the Sequoia National Forest and into the park. From there we shot over to the coast and San Francisco on 6/8. Then north up 1 to the Redwood National Park. Then back south to Yosemite on 6/14. Once we left, we head straight to Athens, West VA, getting in on 6/18.

Amazing trip, pics will be posted soon, as well as more thoughts and details.

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