Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hi everyone,

 As this is my first post, it will be brief, but expect more.

Also, a caveat: I am new to Motorcycle trips. If you're an old-timer, feel free to lay some knowledge down on me. I'd love to hear it. That's one of the best thing about motorcycle trips, to me. You're never short of learning a lot, and it's a hell of a lot easier to learn it from someone who's already done it.

I recently came back from a trip up to Blairsville, Georgia, and rode the Guantlet; 133 miles of some of the best roads I've ever ridden. I stayed at a great place called the Skeenah Creek Campground. Awesome atmosphere, great [rices, super friendly, and what's best, nothing but motorcyclists there. Some came in a Toy Carrier, Some in a van with a trailer, and then, like me, some on their bikes with tents.

The best thing to say about The Gauntlet: do it in more than one day. Plan for a week. It's some of the best roads ever and The Gauntlet just happens to be a nice circuit of a couple of them. I did it all in one day and was actually sore. Almost every road is back-and-forth, flattening your bike into curve after curve. I've never seen more motorcycles.

Apart from that, there's so many great towns up there. If you like the German-Mountaneering-thing, then of course there's Helen. I find it a bit creepy, kind of like the South ate a lot of wienersnitzel and drank too much beer and happened to puke in an amazing part of Georgia. Octoberfest does have it's perks though. The rest are just small towns spread out over awesome scenery.

For some pics, check out here...